September 26, 2011

Kobe Bryant and Enes Kanter was coaching

Bryant, Enes Kanter, conquering the site do''with''Nike's amateur basketball tournament organized for the final, joined.
NBA stars Kobe Bryant of the largest ever shown, with the sports apparel brand, Nike's national player Enes Kanter arranged for amateur basketball tournament final,''joined''the site do, conquering.
Kobe Bryant and Enes Kanter, basketball court set up the Golden Horn Camialti Pier took place in the tournament, the finals of the team did tactician.
Kobe Bryant, the tournament's final game between the teams 15-18 years, between the ages of 18-30 and won the tournament's final match Enes Kanter'in team.
Kobe Bryant found to show great affection for the audience, the audience's request, Bryant scored kırmayıp basketball slam dunk.
Kobe Bryant at the end of the award ceremony, expressed the great pleasure to be in Istanbul, Istanbul,''I felt like at home. Definitely will come again,''he said.

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