September 26, 2011

Kobe Bryant and Enes Kanter in Istanbul

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant arrived in İstanbul on Sunday to a number of sports-related activities across the city.

Kobe’s first stop was the neighborhood of Caddebostan, where he inaugurated two basketball courts renovated by the star’s sponsor Nike and the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality. An enthusiastic crowd turned out to see the basketball star. Following the opening ceremony Kobe commented that he had found İstanbul to be much more beautiful than he was told. He also said the love of basketball by young people in İstanbul makes him very happy.

Responding to a reporter’s question, Kobe said he is still considering an offer from the Beşiktaş basketball team.

Kobe also praised NBA’s Turkish stars Hidayet Türkoğlu and Mehmet Okur. He also mentioned that he follows Spanish side FC Barcelona in football, calling Lionel Messi the best football player in the world.
He later met with his fans on İstanbul’s İstiklal Street. Addressing a large crowd that came to see him on a raised platform in front of a Nike store, the 33-year-old said this was his first visit to İstanbul but would not be his last.

The next stop for Kobe was the final of a Nike tournament for amateur basketball players. He was accompanied by Turkish star Enes Kanter, who was drafted by the Utah Jazz in the 2011 NBA draft.
In the evening, Kobe visited the Galatasaray football team at Türk Telekom Arena during their training session ahead of Tuesday’s league game against Eskişehirspor. Speaking to GSTV, the İstanbul team’s TV station, Kobe said he was honored to be welcomed at Galatasaray’s facilities and added that Galatasaray had won another fan. Kobe was gifted a Galatasaray jersey. In an interview with the Anatolia news agency, the star basketball player said Galatasaray’s stadium was one of the best football stadiums he had ever seen.

NBA star Kobe Bryant busy in İstanbul

Kobe Bryant and Enes Kanter was coaching

Bryant, Enes Kanter, conquering the site do''with''Nike's amateur basketball tournament organized for the final, joined.
NBA stars Kobe Bryant of the largest ever shown, with the sports apparel brand, Nike's national player Enes Kanter arranged for amateur basketball tournament final,''joined''the site do, conquering.
Kobe Bryant and Enes Kanter, basketball court set up the Golden Horn Camialti Pier took place in the tournament, the finals of the team did tactician.
Kobe Bryant, the tournament's final game between the teams 15-18 years, between the ages of 18-30 and won the tournament's final match Enes Kanter'in team.
Kobe Bryant found to show great affection for the audience, the audience's request, Bryant scored kırmayıp basketball slam dunk.
Kobe Bryant at the end of the award ceremony, expressed the great pleasure to be in Istanbul, Istanbul,''I felt like at home. Definitely will come again,''he said.

September 24, 2011

Kobe Bryant, will be in Istanbul with Enes Kanter tomorrow

NBA star Kobe Bryant, will meet with likes Basketball tomorrow in Istanbul.

In Istanbul for the first time at 15.00 Caddebostan Basketball Clinic, 8 basketball schools selected 100 young people between 15-17 years old come together, who will train them, Bryant, basketball court where the opening of two renovated in by Nike do.

The NBA star will Caddebostan Beyoglu, at 18.00, will visit the Nike Shop Beyoglu. Educational Institutions for children between 11-14 years from in-store event Darussafaka Bryant will answer questions, then the platform will be installed in front of the store will greet fans.


Kobe Bryant, attended the evening event, the (A), the National Basketball Team, the NBA's patented Enes Kanter with young players will be coaching.

Nike's 'Seize the site do' tournament at 20:30 at the Golden Horn, one of two teams to compete in the finals to Shipyard Camialti coach
Bryant, Kanter will be the other coach.

Kobe Bryant, will be in Istanbul with Enes Kanter tomorrow

September 18, 2011

Enes Kanter Highlights: Utah Jazz Draft Pick Impresses at 2011 EuroBasket

Enes Kanter showed off some impressive skills in the EuroBasket tournament, held in Lithuania this year. The 6'11" center/forward averaged 9.6 points, 3.9 rebounds, and shot 59.6% from the field. Enes scored a total of 77 points in eight games, with a tournament high of 19 points.

Kanter had streaks of productive play and showed flashes of greatness and potential, but mostly was inconsistent. Although, we have to remember that Enes is only 19 years old.

Some of his better traits included running the floor, hustling, passing, mid-range shooting, post play and dunking.

The Jazz have a new, exciting front line with the addition of Enes Kanter. Whether Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson are both still in Utah next season or not is a mystery. I believe the best move in part by the Jazz would be to keep both Jefferson and Millsap until the February trade deadline.

If, by the deadline, Kanter and second-year teammate Derrick Favors prove to be worthy of starting games consistently, a trade involving Millsap and/or Jefferson would benefit the team substantially.

Utah has a serious need for a wing scorer, and could acquire that type of player by giving up at least one of the players making up the Jazz's plethora of forwards and centers.

Once Utah irons out the wrinkles in their roster, Kanter and Favors will have the opportunity to establish a frightening frontcourt and grow together as players. Both being only 19 years old, they sport unlimited potential and youth for a rebuilding franchise.

By Broox Anderson (Correspondent) on September 18, 2011

September 14, 2011

Enes Kanter (Turkey) highlights - Eurobasket 2011 Round 2 (3 games)

Round 2 (3 games)
Eurobasket 2011 Group E
Opponents: France, Germany, Serbia

Round 1 (5 games)
Eurobasket 2011 Group A
Opponents: Portugal, Great Britain, Lithuania, Poland, Spain


vs Portugal227/977.87/977.80/00.00/10.01670100014
vs Great Britain223/560.03/560.00/00.05/5100.03250203211
vs Lithuania162/450.02/450.00/00.01/250.0123001025
vs Poland225/862.55/862.50/00.09/1090.03253201119
vs Spain141/425.01/425.00/00.00/00.0011000032
vs France102/540.02/540.00/00.00/10.0202000124
vs Germany195/5100.05/5100.00/00.01/333.31231200211
vs Serbia174/944.44/944.40/00.03/650.03250210111