December 29, 2010

2011 NBA Draft Big Board v 2.0: Holiday Edition

If you missed Part 1 (see it here). I will supplement this board with some thoughts on a few players and a few links to my site when appropriate. Comments always accepted.
Some assumptions before you get to the list:
- This is a list of all eligible draft players and assumes all will enter the draft.
- This is not a mock draft but a big board of the best prospects available, ranked by talent.
1) Kyrie Irving, Duke, G (Freshman) (rising): Even though he is injured now, I think he is the most NBA ready player in this draft. Great at getting to the rim (seen here).
2) Perry Jones, Baylor, F (Freshman) (steady): Athleticism through the roof, has not had to show too much yet with strong team against weak competition.
3) Harrison Barnes, UNC, F (Freshman) (falling): Has not yet proved the hype yet but potential is still there. I am a little worried about him turning into Marvin Williams, but not ready to quit on him yet. Needs to be more aggressive (here),
4) Jonas Valanciunas, C (18) (rising)
5) Enes Kanter, unknown, C (18) (rising)
6) Jared Sullinger, Ohio State, F (Freshman): I am not as high on Sullinger as other people. He has put up numbers but he has not showed me he has the moves to do it at the next level. If he gets two feet in the paint, he can score in college but can he replicate that in the pros? (here)
7) Terrence Jones, Kentucky, F (Freshman) (rising): Jones is one of the freshman I have been most impressed with so far. His footwork is polished (here) and he can score in a variety of ways.
8) Donatas Motiejunas, F (20) (falling)
9) Josh Selby, Kanses, G (Freshman) (falling): Selby has shown he is a great player but others have had more time to prove it.
10) Kemba Walker, UConn, G (Junior) (falling): Leading contender for player of the year right now. Probably second best player at getting to the rim (here)
11) Mason Plumlee, Duke, F (Sophomore) (rising): One of the best big man passers in the nation (here)
12) John Henson, UNC, F (Sophomore) (rising)
13) Jan Vesely. 20, F (falling)
14) Marcus Morris, Kansas, F (Junior) (rising)
15) Jordan Hamilton, Texas, G (Sophomore) (rising)
16) Chris Singleton, FSU, F (Junior) (rising)
17) Derrick Williams, Arizona, F (Freshman) (rising)
18) Kris Joseph, Syracuse, F (Junior) (falling): Still higher on him than most people but he is starting to slip. Players that come out of Syracuse always seem to be weak in terms of NBA defense.
19) Mouphtaou Yarou , Villanova, F (Sophomore) (rising): I expect him to stay another year but potential is there.
20) Tyler Honeycutt, UCLA, F (Sophomore) (rising)
21) Brandon Knight, Kentucky, G (Freshman) (falling)
22) Trey Thompkins, Georgia, F (Sophomore) (falling)
23) Nolan Smith, Duke, G (Senior) (rising)
24) CJ Leslie, NC State, G (Freshman) (falling)
25) Fab Melo, Syracuse, F (Freshman) (falling): Melo has been a great disappointment so far this season. He has showed me little to prove that he is a NBA player so far.
26) Jeff Taylor, Vanderbilt, F (Junior) (falling)
27) Travis Leslie, Georgia,F (Junior) (rising)
28) Elias Harris, Gonzaga, F (Sophomore) (falling): Hampered by injury so far this season, starting to show some flashes of why he was highly touted in preseason.
29) Kenneth Faried, Morehead State, F (Senior) (rising): A bit undersized but would be a very valuable asset with rebounding and hustle off the bench.
30) Rodney Williams, Minnesota, F (Sophomore) (rising)
31) Kyle Singler, Duke, F (Senior) (falling): Singler is taking a backseat to Smith and Irving (when healthy) on offense so far this season.
32) Alec Burks, Colorado, G (Sophomore) (falling)
33) Tyler Zeller, UNC, F (Junior) (rising)
34) Tyshawn Taylor, Kansas, G (Junior) (falling)
35) Kawhi Leonard, San Diego State, F (Sophomore) (falling)
36) Tobias Harris, Tennessee, F (Freshman) (rising)
37) Demetri McCamey, Illinois, G (Senior) (rising)
38) Iman Shumpert, Georgia Tech, G (Junior) (rising)
39) Patric Young, Florida, F (Freshman) (rising)
40) Aaric Murray, La Salle, F (Sophomore) (falling)
41) Scotty Hopson, Tennessee, F (Junior) (rising)
42) Shelvin Mack, Butler, G (Junior) (falling)
43) Keith Benson, Oakland, F (Senior) (falling)
44) David Lighty, Ohio State, G (Senior) (rising)
45) JuJuan Johnson, Purdue, F (Senior) (falling)
46) Klay Thompson, Washington State, G (Junior) (falling)
47) Jimmer Freddette, BYU, G (Senior) (falling)
48) Malcolm Lee, UCLA, G (Junior) (falling)
49) Wesley Witherspoon, Memphis, F (Junior) (falling)
50) William Buford, Ohio State, G (Junior) (rising)
51) Jon Leuer, Wisconsin, F (Senior) (rising)
52) Chandler Parsons, Florida, G (Senior) (falling)
53) Kevin Jones, West Virginia, F (Junior) (falling)
54) Lavoy Allen, Temple, F (Senior) (falling)
55) LaceDarius Dunn, Baylor, G (Senior) (falling)
56) Jeremy Tyler, F, 19, (falling)
57) DJ Kennedy, St, John's, F (Senior) (falling)
58) Quincy Acy, Baylor, F (Junior) (rising)
59) Kalin Lucas, Michigan State, G (Senior) (falling)
60) Gilbert Brown, Pitt, F (Senior) (rising)
Players who fell off include (but not limited to): Robert Sacre, Gonzaga, Renardo Sidney, Mississippi State,Durrell Summers, Michigan State
by JoshuaR

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