December 8, 2010

Free Enes and ditch the ‘bowl’ of hype

After watching enough of the UK game against North Carolina Saturday to make me sick, my mind wondered back to the joke I made in a previous column about Coach Cal needing me as a post player. I realize Coach Cal may need me as a 6-1 post player, or maybe just any post player would work.

According to an NCAA ruling, Enes Kanter “kant” play because he’s ineligible for receiving funding for his family. However Auburn University quarterback Cam Newton is eligible to play this season even though his father received money from what seemed to be a sports marketer. I’m not really sure what the difference is in Kanter’s case and Newton's situation but apparently Enes “kant” but Cam can. They need Enes to play. It's painfully plain and simple. I’m not a fan of losing, especially to UNC. (Editor’s Note: I have not received any contact from UK Coach John Calipari regarding a possible return to the game of basketball nor have I been in communication with the NCAA eligibility committee. I have in no way ever been compensated to play basketball as a professional so do me a favor and keep the rumors off Topix).

Keeping with the theme of UK athletics, the Wildcat football team is slated to take on the Pittsburgh Panthers in their fifth consecutive bowl bid. The Cats will take on the Panthers in the BBVA Compass bowl. However, I’m pretty sure that you will need a compass to find that game in the midst of other bowl games that have prestige. The Cats are bowl bound after going 2-6 in league play. The Cats are 5-11 against SEC foes in the last two seasons and I’ll be watching to see if fans are satisfied with bowl games the week after New Year’s when all the top teams battle it out.

To end on a positive note, RCMS eighth grader Kyle Bowling competed Sunday morning at the Cincinnati Bengals’ game in the Punt Pass and Kick competition and won his age group which puts him in the running against 32 others across the U.S.

Bowling is the first Morehead student ever to win the local, sectional and team competition. To make the feat even more impressive, Bowling was a running back on the RCMS eighth grade team this past season, which means he neither punts, passes, nor kicks in his natural position.

If you went to a game this past snow-covered weekend that I didn’t make it to and took pictures, then send us a couple via, if not then…

I’ll see ya at the game.

Rob Ginter

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