December 21, 2010

Cal distances himself from talk of Kanter suing NCAA

In speaking with reporters Tuesday, Kentucky Coach John Calipari distanced himself from a comment he made the previous night about Enes Kanter’s efforts to become eligible.

Calipari said on his radio show Monday night that Kanter could sue in hopes of a court slapping an injunction on the NCAA’s ruling that Kanter is permanently ineligible.

When asked about the lawsuit option by reporters Tuesday, Calipari feinted ignorance.

“Did I say sue?” he said.

When reported nodded in the affirmative, Calipari said, “Wow, strong statement.”

A lawsuit would be an option for Kanter and his family to consider, the UK coach said. The NCAA ruled Kanter permanently ineligible because he played three seasons for a professional team in his native Turkey. UK is appealing that ruling.

“Obviously, that’s anonption for them,” Calipari said of Kanter and his family. “(Of the NCAA ruling) This isn’t fair.”

Calipari distanced himself from the talk of a lawsuit. Of the legal action he mentioned on his call-in radio show Monday night, the UK coach said, “A lot of things I throw out (as) food for thought. I encourage thinking.”

Jerry Tipton

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