December 2, 2010


Know many are drawing comparisons between the the Cameron Newton and Enes Kanter eligibility cases, but we’ll have to see if the NCAA draws the same connection. Newton’s father was shopping his son, and the NCAA ruled (for now) that his actions were without the knowledge of his son. (Not sure I’m buying that, by the way.) The Kanter case goes back to the fact he was paid above and beyond reasonable expenses when he played for that Turkish club team. Even UK agrees to that, or at least that’s my understanding. What is in dispute is the intent of the money paid. The NCAA ruled that it did not matter that the Kanters used it for educational purposes. UK is arguing that it does matter. UK says the Kanters did everything they could to keep Kanter’s amateur status. And apparently the appeal was heard Wednesday. So we should know something by this weekend. Once and for all.

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