December 18, 2010


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Cal was on fire the day before playing Sean Woods and Mississippi Valley State.
We will find out about Enes Kanter soon.
He might have been pulling our chain, but with a smile he said UK have a new arena in four years.
I appreciate Cal backing up what I have been saying all season. That this Kentucky team can be really good.
"Of all the teams in the country, I can't name a handful that have the upside of this team," says Cal.
Cal then talked about his philosophy as a coach.
"I like to get the most talented team in the country and make them play together, which is just as hard as getting average players and them to be good. "
Which means getting the egos to blend together and yell at some players who aren't used to be yelled at.
Cal also questioned the will to win for this team. That if you aren't talking like he is asking players to talk, then you are being selfish.
Then Cal talked about how Josh Harrellson has changed him as a coach. He doesn't like to beat up players. But, because he was tough on Josh, his career has changed.
"It shows you the guys that beat up their players, that mentally and physically beat them up, say they don't yell anymore, and just beat them up, some players that's what they need. Josh needed that. Now, did Brandon need that? No. So there are other players that you can get them to the level - I've had great players that didn't need that. But Josh did and it shows me that there are all kinds of ways of doing what we do. There are some guys, like I'm putting a couple others on his regimen. We've had a couple other guys that need to build their own self esteem and break barriers. It can't be me saying it or you saying it or why not. So let's just put them through the gauntlet. You either make it or you're not making it."
You have to compliment Cal. He isn't afraid to change. This is the same man who threw his entire offense out the window, to start all over with the Dribble-Drive. How many coaches who have won as many games as Cal has would do that?

Cal shakes his head and smiles when it comes to the change in Josh.
"Figure it out. So I'm happy for him. I'm telling you, I get calls every day about Josh. It makes me laugh. It makes me like, ‘What?' I talked to Tony Barbee today and he said, ‘I've talked to pro scouts who are saying it. You know that kid's playing well for you.' I mean, I'm like, ‘You're talking about Josh right?' I'm proud of him. I'm happy for him. But again, I'm not one that likes to beat kids up. I'm not one that likes to have three and-a-half-hour practices."
So this is the new Cal.
"With Josh teaching me that there are certain kids that you have to seperate and treat them different."
To Joe Hall who will be honored Saturday at Rupp, with dozens of his former players coming.
"He coaches in the 70's and won a National Title and has nothing but good things for me. There is no jealousy. There is no Cal got this and I never had this and I had to do without this and my office. You don't hear. All you hear is that Kentucky is doing well. And, he wants to be a part of it and wants to come to practice."
"And, he's become a dear friends because of that."
Joe Hall isn't getting any younger. The fact that UK is doing this now, is a beautiful thing.
Alan Cutler

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