December 14, 2010

Kentucky Feels Good About Kanter Decision

ESPN Insider has an article talking about the upcoming Enes Kanter deicision and there is some interesting information in the article..Take a look.

     The Question MarkEnes Kanter, F/C, Fr., KentuckyTop 100 Rank: 5

The University of Kentucky, emboldened by an NCAA ruling that cleared Auburn quarterback Cam Newton for a similar offense, is waiting to hear the results of its appeal on Enes Kanter's eligibility.

The answer could come any day. Several NBA sources with ties to the Kentucky program told over the weekend that Kentucky feels good about its chances now that the NCAA has established a precedent with its decision to allow Newton to play, despite the fact that his father took substantial benefits. The facts are very similar in Kanter's case and Kentucky believes the NCAA will rule in its favor.

If Kanter is ruled eligible, the Turkish big man should immediately enter the discussion as the potential No. 1 pick in the draft. Not only will he come in and fill an immediate need for the team (the Wildcats are desperate for a big man in the middle) but his mature game should immediately pay dividends. Teams usually prefer big men at the top of the draft and Kanter is poised to go high if he can get on the floor.

Ironically, Terrence Jones could also benefit from Kanter's return. Jones has been forced to play out of position so far. Kanter's absence has had its benefits. Jones has proven to be a better rebounder and shot blocker than scouts had imagined. But he should blossom being moved back to a more natural position on the wing.

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I hope Kentucky's feelings are right...It would be a huge upset if Kanter is ruled eligible and an unbelievable impact on this Kentucky basketball team.

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