December 14, 2010

UK Basketball, Enes Kanter

A ZOUBEK EFFECT? – Paul Jordan of Wildcat Blue Nation writes, “Keep in mind that it is still mid December and there are lots of time for Harrellson to assert himself and bring his his game to the level expected. At least Harrellson is starting now and getting that game experience and learning on the job. It took until February 13 of last season for Duke’s Brian Zoubek to finally get his number called and start making an impact for the Duke Blue Devils. And as Duke made their NCAA run, the play of Zoubek was credited as the missing piece to the title puzzle. It’s not like Zoubek came in and threw up Enes Kanter type numbers when he was inserted at center. He had big games of course, like the 16 point 17 rebound game he had against Maryland in his first start. But for the season, Zoubek averaged 5.6 points and 7.7 rebounds on the season.”
JOSH HARRELLSON ON THE RISE – Wildcat-Den reports, “Harrellson’s NBA stock is apparently on the rise. Last week, Kentucky coach John Calipari said one professional scout liked Harrellson’s potential and it showed in the Wildcats’ win over Indiana Saturday at Rupp Arena. Harrellson finished with 14 points and 12 rebounds and has been giving Kentucky a solid presence in the post as the school awaits a final ruling on Enes Kanter’s eligibility from the NCAA.”
John Clay

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