November 30, 2010

NCAA rules pertinent to Kanter's case

Here are the pertinent NCAA regulations that have been a primary consideration in Enes Kanter's eligibility case. Kanter's appeal to the Student-Athlete Reinstatement Committee is expected to be heard this week.

12.02.4 Professional Athletics Team. A professional team is any organized team that: (a) Provides any of its players more than actual and necessary expenses for participation on the team, except as otherwise permitted by NCAA legislation. Actual and necessary expenses are limited to the following, provided the value of these items is commensurate with the fair market value in the locality of the player(s) and is not excessive in nature: (Revised: 4/25/02 effective 8/1/02) 
(1) Meals directly tied to competition and practice held in preparation for such competition;
(2) Lodging directly tied to competition and practice held in preparation for such competition;
(3) Apparel, equipment and supplies;
(4) Coaching and instruction;
(5) Health/medical insurance;
(6) Transportation (expenses to and from practice competition, cost of transportation from home to training/practice site at the beginning of the season and from training/practice site to home at the end ofseason);
(7) Medical treatment and physical therapy;
(8) Facility usage; (Revised: 4/24/03) 
(9) Entry fees; and (Revised: 4/24/03) 
(10) Other reasonable expenses; or (Adopted: 4/24/03, Revised: 10/28/04) 
(b) Declares itself to be professional (see Bylaw (Revised: 8/8/02) Educational Expenses or Services—Prior to Collegiate Enrollment. A prospective student-athlete may receive educational expenses or services (e.g., tuition, fees, room and board, books, tutoring, standardized test preparatory classes) prior to collegiate enrollment from any individual or entity other than an agent, professional sports team/organization, member institution or a representative of an institution’s athletics interests, provided the payment for such expenses or services is disbursed directly to the individual, organization or educational institution (e.g., high school, preparatory school) providing the educational expense or service.(Adopted: 4/25/02 effective 8/1/02, Revised: 1/14/08) Exception—Competition Before Initial Full-Time Collegiate Enrollment—Sports Other Than Men’s Ice Hockey and Skiing. In sports other than men’s ice hockey and skiing, before initial full-time collegiate enrollment, an individual may compete on a professional team (per Bylaw 12.02.4), provided he or she does not receive more than actual and necessary expenses to participate on the team.(Adopted: 4/29/10 effective 8/1/10; applicable to student-athletes who initially enroll full time in a collegiate institution on or after 8/1/10) 

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Posted Nov 28, 2010

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