February 2, 2011

About This Retooling...

If the Raptors do get a top 5 pick in this year draft it seems like they'll most likely select the Turkish big man, Enes Kanter, who seems like a really solid player. To see for yourself check him out here when he dominated the 2010 Nike Hoops Summit. Though he may be undersized at 6'10", he seems like a pretty tough player, who will be able to do the dirty work in the post and actually fight for rebounds. And seeing as he is the top ranked big in the draft it'll be best for the Raptors to select him if other team hasn't done so already. But with a possible NBA lockout looming, some players may choose not to declare for the draft, so you never know how things may change. You can check out the ESPN NBA Mock Draft Lottery game here, to see other possible selecting for the Raptors.
posted by ryan r. richard

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