May 21, 2011

While We’re Waiting… Danger Time for Tribe, Clipper Checkups, and Kanter skips team interviews

Our own TD discusses if it is danger time for the Indians, “It has been said that you can’t truly judge a team until 40 games minimum. Others say they go by the holidays as checkpoints in a season. Next week is the first one – Memorial Day. I truly believe this Indians team is for real. However, there is some cause for concern. With the way this team is constructed, injuries could be a real issue if they pop up at the wrong time. I hate to say it, but that time could be sooner rather than later, if not now.” [TD/Still WFNY]
Want to learn a little more about the newest Tribe hero and the rest of the Clippers? “Carrera has some pop to his pull-side so he is simply not a slap hitter, but he mostly concentrates on working counts and putting the ball in play all over the field. As a defender he is arguably the best outfielder in the Indians system, including the big leagues. He is exceptional at making both the routine and diving plays, takes good angles and routes to balls, and with his plus speed really covers a lot of ground.” [Tony/IPI]
Enes Kanter is making headlines once again, skipping interviews with a few NBA teams, “Kanter’s Gambit here is pretty clear: He wants to force these teams to pass on him so that he can end up with a city and franchise he likes. It’s a strategy Ricky Rubio employed in 2008 with poor results — the Minnesota Timberwolves picked him and he has spent the last two years in Spain. Kanter can do much the same and possibly even avoid Rubio’s state of limbo. Because he’s not currently tied to any team, Kanter can choose to spend another year away from professional basketball and reenter the draft next season.” [Ball Don't Lie]
David O’Leary at Stepien Rules gives an early look at who some of the lottery teams are looking at with their draft selections, “If Kanter falls to four; we’ll gobble him up. If not, look for us to take serious looks at Vesely, Valanciunas and maybe even Leonard. Two mocks I’ve seen have us taking Alec Burks or Brandon Knight. Of the two, I’d leaning towards Burks but Knight is very intriguing on so many levels.” [Stepien Rules]
Finally, Orlando Cabrera missed Thursday night’s game as he returned to his home in South Carolina to obtain his U.S. citizenship, “The bureaucratic process of naturalization takes months, but becoming a citizen requires years of preparation. Originally from the Dominican Republic, Indians manager Manny Acta knows what Cabrera has been going through. Acta became a U.S. citizen in 1999.” [Big League Stew]

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