January 2, 2011

Glenn and Ken participate in Wildcat Blue Nation Roundtable

Paul Jordan, founder of Wildcat Blue Nation and long-time friend of A Sea of Blue, has come up with what I think is a terrific idea for his site.  Paul's plan is to have various co-bloggers give their opinions each week on the current hot topic the Big Blue Nation is talking about. 
In the first installment of the roundtable, Paul asks the question: Would the Enes Kanter situation have been handled differently if Kanter had attended a school other than Kentucky?
This week the respondents include A Sea of Blue's Glenn Logan, myself, Wildcat Blue Nation contributing writers Greg Edwards and Jonathan North, as well as Kentucky Sports Report and Scout.com writer Brian Eldridge.
I encourage you to give the piece a read, it will be a great way to start off your Sunday.

Ken Howlett

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