January 7, 2011

Kentucky Awaits News On Kanter Decision

The NCAA has yet to give an updated ruling on the second hearing involving the eligibility of Kentucky freshman Enes Kanter, though several media outlets are reporting that his case was heard Thursday.
The NCAA was scheduled to hear Kanter's case via conference call at 2 pm Thursday, according to Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News.
This is the second time the NCAA has heard Kanter's case. The first time he was suspended indefinitely. Kentucky appealed that decision before asking the NCAA to reconsider his case based on new information - thus restarting the process.
Kanter received more than $30,000 from a professional basketball club he played for in his native Turkey for three seasons while he was a teenager. The Kanter family has maintained that the money was used for educational expenses or is still saved in a bank account and has offered to pay back the money.

Kentucky Awaits News On Kanter Decision


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