January 10, 2011

Cal questions time needed to make Kanter decision

UK Coach John Calipari said he was surprised to hear that the decision to rule Enes Kanter permanently ineligible was an easy decision to make.

“Black and white,” he said. “Wow! It takes eight months? Wow!”

UK made Kanter a student assistant coach for the rest of the season. Calipari explained that role Kanter being “allowed to practice and we on the court with us and travel with us.”

When asked how Kanter’s participation in practice will help the team, Calipari said, “I’m more worried about how it’s helping him than helping the team.”

The decision forces Kanter and UK to point toward the NBA Draft in June. Given the anticipation of Kanter being a good player, he should be considered the No. 1 player taken in the draft, Calipari said.

Cal questions time needed to make Kanter decision
Jerry Tipton

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