January 10, 2011

NCAA president makes comments on Kanter decision

Seth Davis of Sports Illustrated has talked to NCAA president Mark Emmert about the Enes Kanter decision.

An Emmert excerpt:

“The facts are utterly unambiguous, the rule is utterly unambiguous, and the intention of the membership is utterly unambiguous,” Emmert said. “The vast majority of people in collegiate basketball knew that this was an issue with Enes Kanter. Kentucky knew it. Everybody who talked with him knew it. So I’m amazed that people are shocked by the fact that he is ineligible.”

And another:

“I can’t describe what a good-faith effort is,” Emmet replied. “I don’t know the young man or his family. If their intention all along was to have him come play in the United States, then it would simply have been a matter of not accepting pay. We’ve seen a threefold increase in the number of international athletes coming to college, so it’s not right to say the environment is not conducive for them to come here and play. They simply have to not do it for money.”

NCAA president makes comments on Kanter decision
John Clay

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