January 20, 2011

Enes Kanter Decision In A Nutshell

It continues to amaze me how a lot of pro UK fans, competitors, and even media members nationally and locally define, critique, and debate Enes Kanter's recent dilemma with the NCAA and it's final decision. No one at UK nor the Kanter family denies there were NCAA eligibility rules tainted or even broken. But for anyone to imply that the NCAA's present set of foreign player eligibility rules for a 14-15 year old teenager is applicable to Kanter's situation is just not correct in my eyes.

It is a classic case of the present rules that are enforceable by the NCAA not fitting the crime committed. You've had million dollar professional athletes playing one sport professionally and while simultaneously playing another sport an an NCAA student athlete for years now.

The NCAA's inconsistent and outdated rules on eligibility and professionalism has made the Enes Kanter case look like a sports version of the O. J. Simpson trial in my eyes. As a matter of fact you could argue that the NCAA applied their rules pretty much like the jury did the evidence at the O. J. Simpson trial as far as Kanter's college life is concerned.

For God's sake NCAA at least listen to Lee Todd and come up with some kind of a cooperative correction in the future for these situations.

Enes Kanter Decision In A Nutshell

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