January 10, 2011

Mark Emmert’s Fumbles

We really want to like the new NCAA head honcho and are hopeful that he directs the organization into an unprecedented era of success; but, we continue to wonder if his ivory tower background makes him somewhat out of touch with the realities of the sport. You might recall that we criticized him last summer for his comments about 1-and-done players, and on Sunday in an interview with Seth Davis he embarrassed himself further in defending the NCAA’s decision to render the recruit ineligible by suggesting that “very few” schools recruited Enes Kanter from Turkey. This was a true statement on its face, but Emmert evidently failed to recognize that his own school Washington (where he was president until November) under head coach Lorenzo Romar was actively involved with Kanter’s recruitment as one of those schools. It’s just another example of Emmert perhaps not having a full command of the facts before he tries to discuss something relating to the game — this is a problem.


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