January 6, 2011

Kanter case nearing a conclusion. Or is it?

Much unattributed speculation has the NCAA hearing the appeal on behalf of Kentucky freshman Enes Kanter on Thursday. I heard nothing to the contrary.
The interesting thing is what happens next.
Should the appeal be denied, as expected, will Kanter’s family seek a restraining order or temporary injunction, either of which might stall the NCAA ruling and permit Kanter to play.
If that happens, UK would find itself in about the same position as Memphis in the Derrick Rose situation.  Rose played, but Memphis ultimately had to vacate its victories and money gained from participation in the NCAA Tournament. If the NCAA prevails in the courts, UK would face the possibility of vacating any victory Kanter was part of.
Further complicating things is the NCAA Convention, which is next week in San Antonio. Normally, judgments in such appeals are announced within a day or two.
But NCAA personnel will be largely moved to San Antonio for the convention. Given the high-profile nature of the Kanter case, the NCAA likely would not want to rush out an announcement.

Stay tuned . . .
Jerry Tipton

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  1. If he got paid a “salary” whether he spent it or not, he’s ineligible to play college basketball.